5 Simple Tips to Prepare for a Home Inspection:

Here is some simple advice for home sellers
1. Think safety first

Is there a known safety hazard in your home? Exposed wiring, a malfunctioning appliance, or a window that slams shut unexpectedly? If so please tell the realtors and potential buyers ahead of time. If you can leave a note for the inspector that is also appreciated. No one should get hurt while visiting your home.

2. Make sure utilities are on

Electric, gas, and water should all be on at the time of the inspection. If the utilities are shut off a thorough home inspection can not be performed. This is likely to delay your sale, and cost you time . Also it may cause you more problems if pipes were to freeze or a sump pump were to fail while the utilities are off.

3. Clean up and move stored items

Make sure that windows, doors, and major appliances are accessible. Please ensure that the inspector can get to important places such as the attic or crawlspace access. If these places are blocked off it will slow down the process. Depending on how blocked off certain spaces are we may have to schedule a follow up appointment to reinspect key areas once stored belongings are moved.

4. Simple maintenance

A clean home makes a good impression. If you have been keeping up on your home maintenance it shows. If you have been neglecting it the buyer and inspector may wonder what other problems will arise due to the lack of maintenance.

5. Consider fixing a few things, or get some quotes for pricing ideas. 

Have you been putting off a simple repair? Can you fix it easily before the inspection? If so please do so. It will make our job easier and you will not have to explain why a certain item is broken or damaged. If you know that a part of your home needs repair, getting quotes from licensed contractors beforehand will give you knowledge that will come in handy for any negotiations with a potential buyer.